Eco Anti Fog Cloth

  • $12.50
  • $15.50

The Eco Anti Fog Cloth is perfect to keep your glasses fog free all winter or when wearing a protective mask. Made with environmentally friendly materials and a non-toxic formula each application works for days, but regular use is recommended to keep your lenses clean and fog free.


  • SUPERFINE LUXURY FAUX SUEDE cloth is soft, non-scratching cloth for effective cleaning
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ECO cloth is made from environmentally friendly organic polymer and is 100% non-toxic and safe
  • ADVANCED NANO TECHNOLOGY works by gentle application onto lens to create instant and lasting anti-fog protection
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL Cloth can be used on many surfaces such as glasses, cameras, ski goggles, diving masks, swimming goggles, mirrors, windscreens, side mirrors, binoculars and more.
  • LONG LASTING Cloth can be used many times and each use can last several days. We recommend daily use to clean lenses from dust and dirt.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Your satisfaction is our goal and any issues are rapidly handles by our amazing team.