about us

STOCKHOLM squared is a Scandinavian well-being lifestyle brand with a clean and stylish ethos. We have a passion to create meaningful change for one of life's biggest challenges, which affects 70% of adults on a regular basis. SLEEP. We wholeheartedly believe if we sleep well, we can live well. In true Scandi style, our mission is simple: to help people get better sleep.

We share useful education and provide luxurious, high quality and style focused products to support our community.

Our Blue Light Blocker Glasses is our first product range. Selected due to the extensive evidence supporting their efficacy and the growing time spend on blue light emitting devices. Our Blue Blockers come in super stylish frames with the most effective filtering lenses.

Who Are We?
"My family and I had just moved to London and it was the first day of school. When my mum came to pick me up I remember asking her if my new friend could come over to play. 1985 and the rest is history. Our mums are still friends too." Maria

"Schools, riding camp, world travel and road trips, late nights, endless phone calls, boys that turned into men, dogs, kids, struggles, laughter (oh boy) and everything in between - that pretty much sums us up, and the last 35 years of our friendship. " Mimmi

The only thing that was missing was business - so here we are.